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Railway sector could be the best for you

Will explain to you why the Railway sector could be the best for you!!!


The railway industry in the is positively booming. Nearly 20% of all European passenger journeys take place in the UK alone. Because the network is the fastest growing in Europe, opportunities will continue to expand in the sector. There are currently 2,500 stations in the UK running 4,000 trains with 32,000 track kilometres. This is only going to expand over years to come, most importantly the sector will have a demand for engineers to not only create these new expansions but to maintain the current ones too. If you’re considering the rail industry as a potential career, read on.

Travel the globe

Rail opportunities are available all around the globe. If you take up a career in rail, there can be plenty of opportunities to work all around the world.

There’s money in it

According to experts, the salary for a graduate scheme with Network Rail is at approx. £24,500. There’s also plenty of room to grow, learn and get salary increases along the way. According to a project manager at Network Rail can rake in £44,699 and a project management assistant can earn approx. £28,172.

Job security

We all know that the rail industry isn’t going to go anywhere soon. Therefore will always be a constant demand for railway in the world, which means jobs are very likely to stay in demand too. There’s so much variety in this sector that you can effectively build and create your own career path. With the possibility of the HS2 and Crossrail projects, joining the rail industry has never been so exciting.

You can specialise in anything

As with many engineering jobs, you can have a background in all sorts of different things and still have a fair chance of working in what seems like an unrelated sector. You can specialise in materials, electronics, mechanical, telecoms and more. There’s plenty of room for extra learning and progression, and if you have come from a different background, you’ll have plenty of transferrable skills you can carry over.

Fresh, new technologies

If you choose to work in the rail industry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with the latest state of the art technology.


This why the Railway sector could be the best for you!!!

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